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Terms and conditions

Please read this section carefully. The terms of use (hereinafter, “Terms of Use”), set out below, and the information about processing personal data, referred to in the “privacy” page, will regulate user use (hereinafter, the “User”), of this Internet site www.knowledge-share.eu (hereinafter, in short, the “Site”) and all the material contained therein.

By registering on the Site and/or through its use/navigation, each User acknowledges having read and understood the Terms of Use and therefore declares to accept them.
The Site (server and domain name) is owned by the Netval Association, Network for the enhancement of university research, VAT number: 03092240138, with headquarters in Lecco (LC), via Gaetano Previati 1/C 23900 (hereinafter, “NETVAL”).
These Terms of Use therefore constitute a binding agreement between the User and NETVAL, regarding the use of the Site and all the material contained therein.

1. Copyrights

1.1 The entire content of the Site, including the design, texts, layout, drawings, photos, videos, graphics and all other elements of the pages of the Site, as well as their selection and arrangement, are owned by and exclusive to NETVAL, which has copyright permissions in place for use of all materials, i.e., those used on the Site with the permission of the legitimate owner of the related right.

1.2 Any use, even partial, of the materials contained in the Site is prohibited, including the reproduction, adaptation, modification, translation, distribution or publication, unless following prior written authorization from NETVAL. However, the User is allowed to view, print and/or download the content of the Site of his/her interest exclusively for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

1.3 However, it is understood that any download or any other form of reproduction of materials from the Site does not grant the User any title or right over them.

1.4. The copyrights on the photographs reproduced on the Site are attributed to the individual photographers or to NETVAL and cannot be reproduced in any way or form without the prior written consent of their authors and NETVAL.

2. Trademarks

All trademarks and distinctive signs reproduced on the Site, including the domain name, are of exclusive property of NETVAL or of third parties who have granted NETVAL the right to legitimately use them. Therefore, the use of the aforementioned trademarks and distinctive signs must be considered prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by NETVAL or the legitimate owners.

3. Use of the Site

At the time of registration, the User is requested to provide only their personal data; guaranteeing that these are true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date. The User will therefore be responsible for any activity performed on the Site on his/her behalf, through the use of his/her personal data by third parties.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Site is at his/her sole risk.

4.2. The User accepts that the site and all its contents, including any services offered, are provided “as is” and “with all errors”. NETVAL, therefore, does not issue any guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, ownership and reliability of the information and materials contained on the Site.

4.3. NETVAL declines all responsibility for any damage that may arise to the Users’ computer equipment following access to the Site, the impossibility of accessing the Site or the downloading of material on the Site, where this is permitted, including damage to the Users’ computer equipment resulting from viruses.

4.4. NETVAL makes no representations or warranties that:

  • the User will be able to use the Site;
  • the Site or its content will be uninterrupted or will continue to be made available in its current form or in any other form;
  • the Site or any document and/or software available on it or downloaded from it will be free from viruses or defects and compatible with the User’s equipment.

4.5. The Site may contain references and/or links to external sites, not managed by NETVAL and for whose content NETVAL cannot vouch, and consequently be held responsible. NETVAL does not provide any guarantee regarding the content of the aforementioned sites and each User will decide to access and consult them exclusively at his/her own risk. The existence of a hyperlink (link) to another site does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility, even partial and/or indirect, on the part of NETVAL regarding the content or use of the aforementioned site.

4.6. NETVAL reserves the right to inhibit or prohibit or suspend, at any time and without prior notice, access to the Site and related services to the User.

5. DNSH Regulation (“Do Not Significant Harm”)

The development and maintenance of the Site are financed by the European Union in the context of the Next Generation EU initiative, with the intervention envisaged for the reform of the system for the protection of industrial property, included in Mission 1, Component 2, Investment 6 of the PNRR (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza).
The use of the Site, all content/material uploading and publication are therefore subject to the application of the DNSH regulation and each User is required, under his own responsibility, to verify the conformity of the contents published in accordance with the regulation.

Reference is made here to Article 17 of EU regulation 2020/852 which defines the environmental objectives, including the principle of not causing significant damage (DNSH, “Do Not Significant Harm”) and the Communication of the Commission EU 2021 / C 58 /01 containing “Technical guidelines on the application of the principle of “not causing significant damage” pursuant to the regulation on the recovery and resilience device”.

All Users registered on the Site are authorized to upload and publish content, and must ensure that none of the content uploaded and published has a direct, exclusive or significant impact on the following activities:

  • Activities related to fossil fuels, including downstream use (1);
  • Activities under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) generating projected greenhouse gas emissions not below the relevant benchmarks (2);
  • Activities related to waste disposal, incinerators (3) and mechanical biological treatment plants (4);
  • Activities where the long-term disposal of waste could cause damage to the environment activities which do not comply with relevant national and EU environmental legislation.

(1) With the exception of the projects envisaged under this measure concerning the production of electricity and/or heat from natural gas, as well as the related transmission/transport and distribution infrastructures using natural gas, which comply under the conditions set out in Annex III of the technical guidelines on the application of the “do not cause significant damage” principle (2021/C58/01).

(2) If the supported activity generates projected greenhouse gas emissions which are not significantly lower than the relevant benchmarks, the reason should be explained. The benchmarks for free allocation of allowances for activities within the scope of the Emissions Trading Scheme are set out in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/447.

(3) The exclusion does not apply to actions covered by this measure in existing installations exclusively used for the treatment of non-recyclable hazardous waste, when such actions are aimed at increasing energy efficiency, capturing waste gases for storage or use, or recover materials from combustion residues, provided that such actions within the framework of this measure do not lead to an increase in the waste treatment capacity of the installation or an extension of its lifetime; the relevant evidence is provided at installation level.

(4) The exclusion does not apply to actions under this measure in existing mechanical biological treatment plants when such actions are aimed at increasing energy efficiency or improving recycling operations of sorted waste in order to convert them into composting and anaerobic digestion of organic waste, provided that such actions within the framework of this measure do not lead to an increase in the waste treatment capacity of the installation or an extension of its lifetime; the relevant evidence is provided at installation level.

If any content violates one or more of the points described above, the site managers will have the possibility to proceed with the inhibition or cancellation of the content itself, appropriately notifying the relevant user by following the procedure described below:

  • if the content has already been published, the site managers will proceed with an official report of “DNSH non-compliance” and will ask the relevant user, within 3 days, to verify whether or not the content complies with the regulations. During verification, the content will be obscured from the Site i.e., the content will not be deleted in first place (available in the back-end for editing) but the content will not be visible on the website (front-end). If, within the pre-established terms, the User responsible for uploading is able to verify the compliance of the content with respect to the DNSH standards, the content will be republished, otherwise the latter will be permanently removed/deleted from the Site. In the event that the User does not respond to official communications from the site managers, the latter, after the terms indicated for the verification of compliance, will proceed to inhibit the content (obscure the content or delete it from the site) independently, notifying the modification to the User.
  • In the case of content that has not yet been published, the DNSH compliance validation process will take place during its review, therefore before it is visible to Site Users. If the content complies with the DNSH standards, it will be published. If otherwise, the User responsible will be asked to update the content accordingly. If after the modification the content is deemed suitable, this will be published. Otherwise, if the DNSH standards are not met, the content will be obscured and ultimately be removed from publication.

6. Final provisions

6.1. These Terms of Use are governed by Italian law.

6.2. NETVAL reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. Changes will be communicated to all registered users. Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal, all Users will continue to use the Site according to the modified version of the Terms of Use.

6.3. Any communication by the User relating to these Terms of Use must be made in writing and will be considered effective and valid upon receipt of the same, if made by e-mail or by post to the following addresses:
– for communications made by postal service: Netval Association, Network for the enhancement of university research, VAT number: 03092240138, IUSS – Palazzo del Broletto Piazza della Vittoria, 15, 27100 Pavia PV 1/C, (Italy);
– for communications made by e-mail: info@knowledge-share.eu or segreteria@netval.it