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Why Only White

Phygital Platform to Support Product Design and Customization

Design | Digitization


We develop advanced projection-based AR technologies to address ongoing transformations in product design, purchasing, and customization processes. Through our phygital prototype, which merges tangible physical objects with dynamic digital resources, we allow real-time aesthetic modifications to any product without the need for headsets. The AR platform integrates with a cloud application that optimizes data management and collection to offer users intelligent and easily shareable modification features, both on-site and remotely.

Established start-up

Funding stage


Seeking or have received funding with equity transfers (BAs, incubators, accelerators). Funding range: € 50,001 - 250,000

Killer application

  • Design and customization of the WoW's projected AR platform based on clients' usage needs
  • Support for the digitization of product design and customization activities with potential integration of existing software
  • Design of immersive co-working spaces for design activities in offices and customization in stores, as well as interactive showcases in display windows
  • Development of integrated and transportable booths to enable the use of technology in non-equipped and/or temporary locations (e.g., pop-up stores, fairs)


  • Generation of true phygital products (better understanding of modifications, natural direct interaction, unlimited and instant exploration of variants)
  • Generation of digital content without headsets or devices to manipulate (better on-site collaboration, no nausea)
  • Adoption of commercial hardware (lower installation costs, adaptability to various usage scenarios)
  • Adoption of a cloud architecture (better data management, remote collaboration, product tracking)
  • Reduction of costs, time, and emissions associated with prototype creation

Competitive scenario

Various technologies compete with us: from 3D CAD and 3D printing used in product development to more advanced AR or VR technologies such as Virtual Product Try-Ons and smart AR mirrors that are beginning to populate stores. None of the competitors can offer a solution at our level of development that simultaneously combines all our competitive advantages.

Enabling technologies

Projected augmented reality platform based on the integration of commercial hardware such as projectors and tracking systems with proprietary, intelligent, and web-based software applications that enable intuitive modification of projected assets while optimizing their management.

Revenue model

B2B System-as-a-Service including the initial cost of hardware installation/calibration and an annual license for software/database use. Optionally, digitization services, technical support, training, and development of customized features can be added.

Target customers

The main market is the luxury fashion accessories industry (leather goods and footwear) due to their investment capacity in innovation, low digitization in development activities, and high prototyping and customization costs. However, we also meet the needs of other companies operating in sectors where aesthetics are crucial, such as furniture and packaging.


  • Incubated by PoliHub and Almacube (winning the Switch2Product and CTE.COBO accelerator programs)
  • Funded by the Brevetti+ call for IP enhancement
  • LOIs signed by several companies in the fashion industry (PoC support)
  • Collaboration with leading company in AI and blockchain-based IT solutions for technology development support
  • Purchase, installation and upgrade of WoW platform by ITS MITA with delivery of innovative courses to its students
  • Saint Laurent Innovation Contest finalists

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