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Safeguarding our Waters: from Production, Purification to Management

Water is at the source of every living being; with water scarcity being a reality in some parts of the world, it is necessary to find innovative methods to purify and decontaminated the current sources at hand. We propose a collection of technologies for remediating waters/wastewater, producing water and better managing with vital resource; with at heart whilst the mission of ensuring there will be water for all.


Mitigating sea microplastic pollution, thanks to the contribution provided by the entire naval fleet and the offshore sector.

Cartridge filtration device, designed with the aim of overcoming the main disadvantages presented by conventional devices.

Miniaturized and modular photocatalytic system which uses solar energy for waste water treatment and contemporary hydrogen production.

Approach that allows to convert waste products from the agri-food industry to generate low- cost filters for domestic users, with high abatement efficiency.

Invention for treating fluid and aqueous (organic) suspensions characterized by high ammonium contents through cation exchange.

Chemical inertization does not require pretreatment of the liquid waste and it consists of a cold mixing in a few hours at room temperature.