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TSD 2021 – Environmentally Sound Technologies

A collection of innovations offering solutions to tackle challenges in Agricultural Management, Energy and Transport, Alternative Energy, Environmental Biotechnology, Pollution Abatement, Eco-Architecture, and Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing.


Mitigating sea microplastic pollution, thanks to the contribution provided by the entire naval fleet and the offshore sector.

A method and architecture for reducing the electrical consumption peaks of a plurality of electrical equipment with thermostat regulation.

Yeast strains capable of producing up to 50 g / l ethyl alcohol with great efficiency starting from substrates rich in starch.

Methodology for the evaluation of the stability of islanded microgrids with no need of any numerical method or simulation with licensed sofwtare.

Natural peptaibolic tricogina peptides for leaf treatment of Plasmopara Viticola (grape downy mildew) and other common agricultural pathogens.

Device which enables to maintain the internal pressure within safe values in case reaction gas is produced or sampling is required.

System to identify and quantify micro and nanoplastics, favoring both the detection and the quantification in water or biological samples.

Semipermeable hydrophobic membrane which avoid a direct contact between air and liquid desiccant, but allowing both sensible and latent heat transfer.

Device which studies the moisture content of soil, able to monitor the water absorption of root systems in agriculture.

System which can improve the energy efficiency of buildings by controlling the amount of solar radiation that hits vertical surfaces.

Composition based on natural products distributed on the surface of the food to form an edible coating that does not affect food quality and its shelf life.

Disposable that allows to collect in a fully automatic and standardized way bioptic wood samples that can subsequently be sent to diagnostics laboratories.

Invention that enables the light radiation not to be necessarily transformed into heat to obtain movement and therefore the electrical signal.

Device that can work with only cold ambient air or cold ambient air plus hot water enabling to improve the heat pump performance.

Air conditioning system for producing a flow of air deprived of dust and pollutants at a preset temperature and relative humidity values.

Invention for treating fluid and aqueous (organic) suspensions characterized by high ammonium contents through cation exchange.

Underwater drone intended for surveys inspection (repair/maintenance) and in addition appropriate to perform surveys  on large areas of seabed.

Mixture of microorganisms interacting with plants and playing a role in promoting turf growth  and protection of the herbal health.

Concept of a Hybrid Walkable Solar Tile (HWST) coated by two types of resins, specifically designed for cases where surfaces are lacking.