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Let’s Improve Our Agricultural Practices

Every day we consume vast quantities of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. What are the technologies that in the future could help us to be more sustainable and preserve our planet, while nourishing us? Here are some solutions that address just that.


Apparatus for processing of stone of olives used for olive oil production, to improve shelf-life of the extracted olive oils.

Natural peptaibolic tricogina peptides for leaf treatment of Plasmopara Viticola (grape downy mildew) and other common agricultural pathogens.

Device and method that can provide real time data of the moisture content of soil, vegetation and snow covered surfaces over large areas.

System allows to limit the management costs for desulphurisation by eliminating the use of reagents and the formation of potentially toxic products.

Device which studies the moisture content of soil, able to monitor the water absorption of root systems in agriculture.

Modular element which enables to make the weight of the "green roof" package less burdensome by substituting part of the thickness of the ground.

Material for production of chemical sensors of various types with possible applications ranging  from environmental monitoring to biomedical field.

Biodegradable and biocompatible hydrogel that can be used in several environmental applications enabling not to create polluting residue.

Invention for treating fluid and aqueous (organic) suspensions characterized by high ammonium contents through cation exchange.

Invention for analysis of the dust released by seeds treated with pesticides or micro-organisms through portable optical systems or stereomicroscopes.

Mixture of microorganisms interacting with plants and playing a role in promoting turf growth  and protection of the herbal health.