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IPA 2021 –  The award dedicated to the excellence of Italian Public Research

The Ministry of Economic Development, through the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) with the purpose of promoting the Italian innovation ecosystem, has put in place actions aimed at the economic enhancement of industrial property titles, in particular patents, to expedite the dissemination of both, technology and knowledge transfer. To this end, in collaboration with Associazione Netval (the Italian Network for the Valorisation of Public Research), the Ministry organized the ‘Intellectual Property Award’ 2021 (IPA 2021) competition.

Innovation teams from Italian Universities, Public Research Organizations and Research Hospitals (IRCCS), were invited to present their most ‘avant garde’ solutions in the fields of: 1. Agritech and Agrifood; 2.Cybersecurity; Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data; 3.Green Technologies and Alternative Materials; 4.Life Science and Health Care; 5.Aerospace; 6.Renewable Sources, Alternative Energy and Water; and 7. Future Mobility

Here are the 35 innovations that made it to the IPA2021 finals held at EXPO Dubai 2020.


Natural peptaibolic tricogina peptides for leaf treatment of Plasmopara Viticola (grape downy mildew) and other common agricultural pathogens.

Device and method that can provide real time data of the moisture content of soil, vegetation and snow covered surfaces over large areas.

Antibody able to bind and silence specific targets and be used for the validation of new therapeutic targets and the generation of diagnostic applications.