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Fighting Cancer One Tech at a Time

Curing cancer is certainly one of the big challenges of the 21st century. Our knowledge of cancer has greatly improved in the last two decades, however with over 100 different known cancers, this is not going to be an easy challenge to overcome. With this collection, we would like to highlight some of the technologies developed within our network to prevent and fight, and also help rehabilitate patients.


Peptides with anticancer activity capable of targeting the hexokinase 2 (HK2) enzyme in different types of tumors.

New isoindolin derivatives activating AMPK for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders, such as type II diabetes and obesity.

RNA aptamers capable of inhibiting DNA methyltransferase 1, an enzyme responsible for DNA methylation, closely related to the development of tumors.

Nucleotide aptamers capable of binding to exosomes isolated from breast cancer cells, for liquid biopsies and tumor growth inhibition.

Monoclonal antibodies which enables to address the cure where it is required enhancing the immune response, thereby promoting tumor regression.

Combinations of substituents that are able to meet one or more of the medical needs and have significant and selective anticancer activity.

Device able to recognize and analyze exosomes from biological fluids allowing to bind the target and recognize it with a high degree of specificity.

Method that, through an extracorporeal circulation procedure, allows to eliminate unwanted biological and/or chemical entities from biological fluids.

Control of the anomalous metabolic cancer process and its reversal obtained by changing the ion and energy transfer through the cell membrane.