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COVID-19 Response: to Detect, Mitigate and Destroy the virus

Although the world has slowed down due to the COVID-19 virus, research has never stopped! There are many technologies on the platform that can become a practical application within projects that aims to counteract the epidemic issues ranging from industrial reconversion to the search for solutions to fight the virus itself. Here you will find a collection of medical and non-medical technologies aimed at improving patient health and mitigating the spread of the virus.


New synthetic molecules capable of blocking the inflammatory cascade at the root, selectively blocking the TLR4 receptor.

Liposomes composition which, applied in dosing methods, enables to obtain higher sensitivity, lower costs and higher semplicity to perform the test.

Label to monitor the products' conservation conditions through the monitoring of material's properties related the Time / Temperature ratio.

Technology able to sterilize bulk or pre-packaged items in blisters, through the indirect action of a non-thermal plasma.

Device to measure the activation degree of the gustatory system through the registration of the bio-potentials resulting from the repsonce to a stimulus.