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Circular Economy: the continuous positive development cycle

Circular economies eliminate waste through design by creating more efficient systems that account for the entire lifecycle of a product, ensuring that the waste that does occur is of as high a quality as possible so natural resources can be reused.


Approach that allows to convert waste products from the agri-food industry to generate low- cost filters for domestic users, with high abatement efficiency.

Solution for an automated plastic separation system that could maximize the efficiency of the process through luminescent markers.

Process that allows a zero-waste treatment to be carried out, optimizing the steps for the extraction of indium and glass from LCD panel at the end of life.

Biodegradable and compostable packaging material obtained from the integral use of the waste from vegetable raw materials used in food industries.

Methods to simply and effectively improve the separation of the glass from the cells with the aim to greatly increase their value as a reusable raw material.