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BioVaria is the European “business – matching” event in the field of Life Sciences, online from 11 to 12 May 2022. An event that offers the institutions associated with Netval the opportunity to meet companies and investors to form partnerships and compare his own research with international colleagues.

Here are the technologies that have applied this year from our University and IRCCS network.


Artificial heart muscle, an innovative artificial device capable of replicating the functionality of the human heart.

Fabric for splits and braces, which adapts to the curves and then stiffens, with characteristics comparable to a rigid / plaster brace.

Creation of assemblies with one or more molecules and a conventional antibiotic, to enhance the antimicrobial activity of an antibiotic.

The aim of this invention is the use of myelin nanovesicles (MyVes) in multiple sclerosis (MS) or in Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases. In particular, MyVes could be relevant [...]

Anti-HIV agents with a very low degree of toxicity, suitable for a prolonged therapeutic treatment and able to contain the resistant forms of the virus.

Molecules for the treatment of rare genetic muscular diseases that tanks to correctors allows the involved protein to retain its correct structure.

Compound useful to reduce tissue damage and for the development of effective drug treatments for hepatic, rheumatic and pneumological diseases.