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Energy converter that allows to harvest the energy from the relative motion between the floating structure and the internal water column.

Innovative methodology for the sampling and analysis of opiate/opioid compounds in miniaturized dried matrices obtained from biological fluids.

Electro-spun non-woven fabric, coupled with solvent, effective in removing synthetic and natural coatings and varnishes from works of art.

System dedicated to virtualization and remote forensic analysis of physically acquired data, allowing to see it in its original operating environment.

Process for separation of currents in the gas phase or vapor that thaks to the capacitive characteristics of the membranes acts on the permeate flow.

Method for integrating information obtained through active depth sensors used as a guide, into estimation systems based on automatic learning from images.

Material for production of chemical sensors of various types with possible applications ranging  from environmental monitoring to biomedical field.

Device able to mimick the structural and functional behaviour of the cardiac ventricle and to simulate local ventricular contraction and relaxation.

Mixture of microorganisms interacting with plants and playing a role in promoting turf growth  and protection of the herbal health.