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The proposed invention consists of a method, based on the use of a thermo-reflectographic apparatus, to obtain 3D digital representations of cultural heritage and industrial items [...]

Visible Light Communication system for anti-collision and in general for low latency data transmission at the traffic light intersection

Production of zeolite based silicone foams to obtain a composite adsorbent material to be used for adsorbent heat pumps (AHP).

Novel computer-implemented method for real-time quantum compilation based on reinforcement learning techniques.

Detection of cell's chromatin changes, especially heterochromatin, an indicator of the presence of specific diseases and tumors.

Invention about a process assuring the originality of consumer products thanks to a special cryptographic signature algorithm coupled with a state condition.

RNA aptamers capable of inhibiting DNA methyltransferase 1, an enzyme responsible for DNA methylation, closely related to the development of tumors.

Technology that uses ZF-ATF of adeno-associated viral vectors to develop gene therapy treatments related to muscular dystrophies such as DMD.