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Zirconia-based nanostructured composite ceramics

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The patent describes a new technology for the elaboration of Zirconia-based nanocomposite (multiphasic) powders, allowing an optimal control of the microstructure (distribution, size and morphology of the phases) and composition (purity of the phases, stabilizer content inside ZrO2), in both powders and sintered ceramics, with final products characterized by excellent mechanical properties and durability.

Technical features

The technology implies the addition of an aqueous solution containing the precursors of the second phases (nitrates, chlorides) to a well dispersed suspension of matrix commercial powders. Under controlled thermal treatment it is possible to obtain powders (and sintered ceramics) characterized by perfect control of microstructure and composition. The final material has outstanding mechanical properties and metal-like behavior for what concerns toughness, reliability and tolerance to flaws.

Possible Applications

  • Biomedical devices (oral, spine implants);
  • Cutting tools;
  • Precision mechanics (valve, pumps);
  • Thermo-mechanical components (blade coatings, devices for particulate filtration);
  • Milling media.


  • Outstanding mechanical properties (hardness, flexural strength, fracture toughness);
  • Increased durability, even under hydrothermal conditions;
  • High reliability and tolerance to flaw.