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Zero-Emissions Driving Systems – ZEDS

braking systemsElectric vehiclesMagneto-Rheological FluidMobilityVeicoli elettricizero emissions


A system suitable for braking a vehicle avoiding the production of particulate matter and other pollutants, combining the efficiencies coming from an in-wheel electric motor with the potential of a magnetorheological brake. The physical behavior of both systems has been optimized to achieve braking process both safe and environmentally sustainable.


Technical features

The invention consists of a combination of an in-wheel electric motor and a magnetorheological brake, to obtain an integrated driving system with zero emissions, both in traction and braking. The in-wheel electric motor allows the vehicle to be decelerated through regenerative braking, limiting the use of the combined magnetorheological braking system to extreme braking cases. Through its particular behavior under the effect of an applied magnetic field, the fluid is able to change its state from liquid to semi-solid. The characteristic of the fluid thus allows to obtain a braking torque sufficient to stop the vehicle without having an extreme reduction of torque at low speeds. The system has been sized to occupy a space limited to the width of the wheel disc, in order to be optimal for a modular and plug-and-play application. TRL: 2

Possible Applications

  • Passenger Vehicles;
  • Quadri-cycles;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • In-Wheel electric motors;
  • Industrial Vehicles;
  • Working machines.


  • Avoiding pollutants generated by braking;
  • Reduction of the braking time response;
  • Efficiency optimization of the vehicle;
  • Stability Safety systems easy to be implemented;
  • Reduction of needed maintenance for the braking system.