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“ZELID” – Zero Emission Long-lasting water Dispenser

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The water autonomy of flower planters not equipped with an irrigation system is very low in periods of high climatic demand. The installations of small or large, temporary or permanent, planters in public or private spaces require frequent manual interventions. The patented system, called ZELID, allows it to be self-sufficient for prolonged periods and without electricity consumption, safely and with minimal operating costs.

Technical features

ZELID is an accurate, multilevel and very low flow water delivery system for autonomous and prolonged irrigation of planters of all sizes and for any use. It is connected to a modular tank in anti-corrosion plastic material, normally buried inside the same planter. It does not require energy, the flow rate is supplied continuously and varies with the number of dispensers and with the tension of the water in the ground, therefore with the needs of the plant. The autonomy depends on the volume of the tank underground in the same planter and grows with the mulch. ZELID does not require particular maintenance and avoids wasting water at the root, thanks to the possibility of burying it and protecting it from frost or solar radiation. Unlike the current self-irrigating planters on the market, characterized by small dimensions, ZELID does not suffer from the same application limits, does not require mechanical elements or connection to the electrical network for pumping and controlling the water supply, and therefore no need of mechanisms subject to malfunction or vandalism.

Possible Applications

  • Irrigation of flower boxes and private gardens;
  • Irrigation of green furnishings of open public spaces, gardens, urban parks and anti-terrorism barriers;
  • Irrigation of temporary installations.


  • No electricity supply is required;
  • Buried tank system that eliminates water waste;
  • Water autonomy for several weeks;
  • Absence of mechanical parts;
  • Weather resistant.