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Wound viewer: monitoring chronic wounds

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A class 1 medical device capable of automatically acquiring and processing images of skin ulcers through an artificial intelligence algorithm. The device is a decision support tool for healthcare professionals to help them improve productivity and identify the best therapy, reducing the risk of clinical complications.

Technical features

The Wound Viewer (WV) is medical device capable of automatically capturing and processing wound images in minutes through an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that provides the physician with the basic parameters of the lesions (e. g. Wound Viewer), area, depth, granulation, tissue, presence of infections) and organizes the information in digital health records in a cloud platform; the stored sensitive data are anonymized and the patient’s privacy is respected, in accordance with the guidelines defined by the European regulation GDPR. The Wound Viewer is a tool to support the decision making of healthcare professionals that allows them to improve their productivity, reducing the measurement time by more than 10 minutes per visit, and to immediately identify the best therapy for the patient, reducing the risk of clinical complications by more than 30%.

Possible Applications

  • Monitoring of skin lesions (e. g., venous ulcers, arterial, diabetic, decubitus plagues);
  • Pubblic and private hospitals and clinics;
  • Private practitioners;
  • Home-care assistance.


  • Reduction by more than 50% of the time needed to calculate injury parameters;
  • Reduction by more than 50% of the risk of clinical complications;
  • Easy to use;
  • Accuracy reached of more than 94% of acquired parameters.