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Wireless Ultrasound Neuromodulation Helmet

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Wireless low intensity ultrasound neuromodulation helmet.

Technical features

The helmet allows, following an in-depth clinical examination, the release of the prescribed neuromodulatory therapy in a totally domestic mode, without the need to go to outpatient or hospital facilities. Once the patient wears the helmet, she/he connects through a special App which communicates to the doctor in charge the availability to perform the therapy. The doctor receives on mobile device or personal computer the patient’s request. After accepting the request, thanks to the centering probe (ultrasound or fNIRS) present on the helmet, the spatial references, identified during the first hospital visit, are searched. The doctor, after entering the input parameters (duration, power), can enable the therapy that is carried out using the low intensity ultrasound probe mounted on the helmet. The helmet, thanks to the automatic movement and remote connection, permits the release of the therapy even if the patient is not physically in the hospital structure. [TRL 2].

Possible Applications

Possible applications still undergoing clinical trials:

  • Neuromodulation in chronic pain (REF);
  • Neuromodulation in patients with disorders of consciousness.


  • Home therapy;
  • Low cost of treatment linked to the services;
  • Low involvement of medical staff;
  • Low cost of implementation;
  • Possibility of device rental by the patient.