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Wireless transmission of energy in space

Hemispherical receiverLaser beamingOrbiting systemSpace solar arrayWireless power trasmission


Constellation of satellites orbiting around a celestial body, equipped with a laser for sending energy through a beam of coherent electromagnetic waves to an orbiting satellite or to another receiving target such as a mobile vehicle or a fixed base on the celestial body integrating a system for converting the beam into useful electrical energy.


Technical features

The invention enables wireless charging in space, through a constellation of satellites dedicated to storing energy through solar panels and transmitting it to external users. The constellation is launched and distributed in an orbit that makes them stable and in which the individual satellites recharge their batteries and transfer the required power through a laser beam. Technology can have a significant impact in numerous spatial contexts. In particular, the moon in the near future will see an increasing number of scientific missions, even with human presence, which will increase the amount of energy needed on the celestial body. This entails the need to rethink the energy sources for future lunar bases, going beyond the current state of the art.

TRL: 2

Possible Applications

  • Energy transmission to satellites.
  • Energy transmission to Earth’s surface.
  • Energy transmission to the lunar surface, for lunar bases and rovers/devices for exploration.


  • Efficient supply of energy to spacecrafts even when they are not directly irradiated by the Sun;
  • Independence from light conditions on the planet’s surface;
  • Independence from the planet’s atmospheric conditions;
  • Qualification for different types of missions.