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Wireless security device and network

EmergencyLocalizationStructural health monitoringwearable deviceWireless safety network


The invention consists of a wearable device and a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system for managing emergency situations. The solution integrates various subsystems designed to ensure full functionality during emergencies, in external or internal conditions. Furthermore, the system operates independently from energy sources or common communication systems (e.g. internet, cellular network).


Technical features

The high population density of buildings, especially in heavily inhabited areas, poses great risks in the event of disastrous events. The proposed system consists of an innovative method to protect the safety of people in risky situations and to improve responsiveness in emergency situations. The proposed system includes SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) nodes dedicated to measuring parameters such as vibrations and humidity, and wearable devices that act as mobile nodes, worn by people, for the collection of data such as position and state of health.
This system makes it possible to provide rescue teams with relevant data on damaged parts of buildings and on the status and number of people involved in emergency situations.
The activity of the implemented Wireless Sensor Network is guaranteed even in the absence of energy, thanks to the power supply via batteries.


TRL: 6

Possible Applications

  • Industries operating in emergency conditions;
  • Claims and insurance management;
  • Extreme sports;
  • Non-profit organization;
  • Realities operating following natural disaster.


  • Independence from energy sources;
  • Indoor and outdoor localization;
  • Integration of mobile and fixed devices;
  • Greater efficiency in search and rescue;
  • Reliable and robust data transfer.