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Wireless Doppler device for biomedical applications

TelemedicineTransducer matrixUltrasound wavesVascular perviety monitoringWireless communication


The system according to the invention enables the values detected by the Doppler probe to be communicated autonomously or “on command” without human intervention. The measured values are sent to the server and can be consulted from a mobile device or from a web application. It is also possible to activate the detection of patient values remotely on specific need.

Technical features

System for monitoring Doppler ultrasound of an organ and the flow of a patient’s body fluid, comprising: a portable Doppler probe configured to be applied to the patient body, wherein said probe comprises an array of ultrasonic transducers, each transducer being configured to emit an ultrasonic output signal directed toward the patient body; receiving a respective ultrasonic input signal reflected from the patient’s body, and converting the input ultrasound signal into an (electrical) read signal; a main detection unit configured for communicate wirelessly with the portable probe; construct an image of a reflective biological surface according to the characteristics of the reflected ultrasonic waves; identify a moving body fluid and calculate its speed and direction based on the reading signals provided by the transducer array.

Possible Applications

  • Early diagnosis of vascular thrombosis in microsurgical transplantation procedures;
  • Cardiovascular monitoring;
  • Fetal monitoring.


  • Automated process;
  • Frequent and non-binding surveys by the medical/nursing staff of the hospital ward;
  • Continuous real-time monitoring able to warn the doctor in case of existing or incumbent problems for the patient on registered mobile devices and on the administration web-site.