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Wine stabilization device

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Wine fining (e.g. protein stabilization) and protection from oxidation are currently managed as a discontinuous process. The system is designed to stabilize wine by combining efficiency and waste minimization. Moreover, it is expected not to affect the sensory properties of wine and its valuable composition.

Dispositivo per la stabilizzazione del vino

Technical features

The invention refers to a device for the removal of proteins, metals and other agents of instability of wine and vegetable beverages. A tube containing inert support material designed to increase its adsorption selectivity, constitutes the system. Working in continuous flow, the device determines a substantial reduction in treatment times and waste production, while removing the causes of protein instability and oxidation in wine. Moreover, the device ensures an efficient color protection in a single rapid treatment. The adsorbent material can be regenerated, making it possible its re-use and  guarantee process costs reduction.

Possible Applications

  • Enology and beverages industry;
  • Small, medium and large winemaking cellars;
  • Fruit juice and vegetable juice producers.


  • Treatment time reduction;
  • Lower amounts of vinification waste;
  • Operating cost reduction;
  • Opportunity for “service to rent”.