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Wearable robot with perfect Control Architecture

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Wearable robotics finds application in the assistive sector, eg. the tasks performed by a worker or the daily life of an elderly person; or in the rehabilitation sector. A wearable robot is a mechatronic device that extends, integrates, replaces or improves the function of the limb or joint with which it interfaces. The invention is a mechatronic architecture that supports movement in an intelligent way, storing and processing information derived from the movement itself.

Technical features

A fundamental aspect in an assistance exoskeleton is the integration of an adequate assistive strategy, the system must deliver energy to the person at appropriate stages of the pace and with adequate intensity. Real-time adaptability is given by gait monitoring sensors, an adaptive assistive strategy and an appropriate structure to allow effective transfer of mechanical power. The known solutions are affected by the misalignment of the human-robot interface at the level of the robotic joint and the anatomical one (hip), by slipping problems between the robotic segment and the body or viscoelastic interactions. The proposed mechatronic architecture is based on a sensor decoupled from the mechanical action of the robot (orange band in fig), so as to provide a reliable measurement of the joint angle even in the presence of viscoelastic coupling between the robotic segment and the body segment, misalignment or slipping.

Possible Applications

  • Assistive robotics;
  • Robotic rehabilitation;
  • Orthotics;
  • Prosthetics


  • A joint angle-based assistive strategy that does not suffer from the problems generated by a non-ideal physical coupling at the human-robot interface;
  • Sensory joint angle measurement system not integrated into the robotic joint;
  • No viscoelastic coupling;
  • High stability and assistive.