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Wearable device for proactive assistance

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The invention consists of a wearable robotic device, connected to the lower limbs, capable of identifying a subject’s loss of balance and activating strategies to support the same to aid in recovering said balance. In particular, the patented device is able to: assist locomotion during voluntary motor tasks, promote the recovery of balance in the event of an incipient fall, remain “transparent”, where necessary, based on the user’s motor skills.

Technical features

The invention is composed by a hip orthosis (4) equipped with: i. a joint actuation system both in the shape of «passive» or «active» drives; ii. a sensorized apparatus. After losing balance (from 2 to 3), the device is able to significantly modify the response of the lower limb articulating joints, providing support to both legs and improving the interaction with the ground. The device can also be integrated unilaterally and bilaterally with one or more joints of the lower limbs. For more details please check the paper «An ecologically-controlled exoskeleton can improve balance recovery after slippage», of Monaco V. et al., Scientific Report 2017.

Possible Applications

  • Daily use by elderly users, who have a high slippage risk after a neuro-muscolar- skeleton disease both in-house and in hospitals;
  • Can be used in environmental conditions with a high slippage risk (i.e. workers in places with slippery substances).


  • Identification of the balance losing and recovery;
  • Modular system allowing the customisation for specific needs;
  • Versatility of the system that can be applied to all the slippage risk situations.