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Weancare domus Device and method to rehydrate liophilized food powder

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The purpose of the invention is to feed subjects with provisional or definitive deficiency of swallowing and subjected to a diet with foods with modified consistency. Subjects of all age groups are included, with the prevalence of the fragile elderly subject, neurological patients, subjects with dysphagia even after surgery. Complete preparation automation allows to maintain high standardization.

Technical features

The device and method of preparation refer to the suspension rehydration of a previously lyophilized food powder to be consumed by persons with swallowing deficiency, or those subjected to a modified consistency diet (MTF), that achieves conditions of viscosity, density and consistency depending on the needs of the patient. The relevant problems in the autologous preparation of food at home or in facilities, are faced during the manufacturing process. Where the  use of blenders or homogenizers, may lead to forgoing entire food categories including many vegetables and protein sources, introduce air to the process, and may require the products to be diluted with water, leading to an increase in  volume and  reducing its nutritional capacity, at the same weight. This invention aims to solve these problems through a device for the rehydration of lyophilised food powder. The invention allows to precisely control and adjust the amounts of water and lyophilized powder in the chamber, on the basis of mixing data that will allow a final product which meets the specified needs; obtaining a single portion of food with modified consistency having as viscosity, consistency, density and granulometry desired. Single portions of food can be rehydrated to allow multiple dishes consisting of first and second courses, with about 30 gr. of preparation in 150 ml of water or single-plate portions for a total of 100 grams of preparation in 500 ml of water.

Possible Applications

  • Preparation of ready-to-use meals at home;
  • Preparation of ready-to-use meals in the community;
  • Preparation of single-dose food preparations and supplements.


  • Compact;
  • IOT connection for monitoring purposes;
  • Ease of use;
  • Poor maintenance;
  • Affordable cost.