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Wave energy converter

dielectric elastomersDielectric Elastomers GeneratorsMechanical impedanceWave Energy Converter


A new generation of the Power Take Off system for Wave Energy Converter (WEC) based on dielectric elastomers generators (DEG), proposed and implemented to overcome the existing technologies based on conventional hydraulic and mechanical components.

Technical features

The invention proposes a method to implement a negative stiffness to partially or totally compensate the stiffness of the elastomeric materials. It allows to regulate the mechanical impedance which is claimed to be an unsolved problem of WEC devices based on DEG, which are usually made of bulky, heavy, costly and corrosion-sensitive materials. The invention is an affordable and scalable solid-state monolithic embodiment with no sliding parts and very low internal friction; providing good chemical resistance to corrosive environments. Once deployed, it doesn’t need lubrication and its operation is silent.

Possible Applications

  • Energy supply for floating buoys.


  • Suitable for different WEC devices and adaptable to the various sea conditions;
  • Very simple design requiring no additional components;
  • Higher electro-mechanical conversion efficiency;
  • Resistance to break-downs.