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Water production from air with solar energy

Adsorption materialSolar thermal energyWater from airwater production


The invention is a device that produces water from air, combining the adsorption materials with low-grade heat. The device can satisfy the water needs of a small family group, also in desert regions. Using solar energy the device can produce up to 50 liters per day harvesting the water vapor contained in the atmosphere.

Technical features

The adsorption material uptakes and concentrates the water vapor contained in the atmosphere. When the material is saturated,  a heat supply activates the regeneration of the material, thus generating water vapor at higher concentration than the outdoor atmospheric values. The system works using an innovative heat and mass exchanger, by which it realizes a thermodynamic transformation currently not applied in other systems. The vapor produced is finally condensed at the ambient temperature. A modular compact device includes all the components and is directly connected to the heat generation system. The design of the module focuses on the minimization of encumbrance in order to have an object that can be easily placed in indoor or outdoor ambient of dwellings.

Possible Applications

  • Production of water for potable or sanitary demand;
  • Production of water in arid region for technical applications such as cleaning and irrigation.


  • Negligible electrical consumptions;
  • Needs low temperature of the heat supply;
  • High sustainability;
  • Direct use of renewable energy;
  • Compact module;
  • It can work effectively also in arid regions.