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Water-air Injectable Swath Elevator (WISE)

Buoyancy regulationCompression systemDrag ReductionSWATH


The solution consists of a multifunction pneumatic system for regulating the sinking depth of a SWATH model catamaran and for reducing friction as it moves forward. The proposed system consists of a pressurized air storage tank and a system of valves designed to regulate the filling level.


Technical features

WISE (TRL: 2) exploits the advantages of SWATH (Small-waterplane-area twin hull) technology and makes it possible to apply it to pleasure boats used for the transport of goods and/or people. The WISE technology introduces a degree of real-time regulation of the hydrostatic thrust of the vessel thanks to the filling of submerged lockers with water or air, so as to limit the disadvantage of SWATH boats in applications with variable load.
The system uses a pressurized air chamber and a system of active valves to be able to adjust the lockers as desired using the surrounding water. Furthermore, WISE is able to lubricate the lower part of the hull through an air cushion generated through the same pneumatic circuit and facilitates maintenance thanks to the possibility of partially emerging the hulls in the event of a completely empty tank.

Possible Applications

  • SWATH boats;
  • Pleasure boats;
  • Naval transport of goods;
  • Sea transport of people.


  • Buoyancy control;
  • Hull drag reduction;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • SWATH applications with variable loads.