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Visibility measurement device and method

Meteorological optical rangeVisibility measurementVisibility monitoring


The invention concerns an automatic device of reduced size to measure visibility, which is constructively simple and does not require particular adjustments to be set up, so that it can be placed under operational conditions in a short time.

Technical features

The invention concerns an instrument able to measure the visibility in terms of meteorological optical range (MOR), by reading a reflection pattern reflected one to three times by a pair of mirrors. These images, read by a camera, are processed by using a software developed for this purpose and that provides as a result the required measurement. The use of a single reference pattern and two mirrors to produce at least as many images of it, greatly reduces the calibration problems found in conventional instrumentation.

Possible Applications

  • Visibility monitoring on roads/motorways;
  • Visibility monitoring on railways and airports;
  • Objective assessments of visibility in sport and industrial environments.


  • Precise and accurate visibility (MOR) measurement;
  • Easy calibration of the instrument;
  • Transportable instrument that can be placed under operating conditions in a short time.