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VibroFect: production of particles for gene transfection with high efficiency and low toxicity

BV22Gene trasfectionMolecules for transfectionNon-toxic transfectionReproducible transfection


VibroFect is an innovative technology for producing particles for transfection in a reproducible and controlled way. VibroFect technology is based on the use of a bench-top device that allows the mixing via oscillatory motion at high frequencies of a test tube containing molecules for transfection (e.g. cationic polymers) and nucleic acids, to obtain transfectant particles. The technology has a TRL 4.

Technical features

The VibroFect technology allows to obtain highly effective and non-toxic particles for transfection, in a reproducible and controlled manner. The device used to date is a prototype consisting of a voltage generator connected to a mechanical actuator, which transforms the input voltage into movement along the vertical axis (z axis) of a transmission shaft. The displacement and the oscillation frequency can be suitably varied. The shaft was equipped with a housing for laboratory test tubes, to which it integrally transmits the vertical motion and allows to the control the mixing of the transfection reagents contained therein.

Possible Applications

  • Biopharmaceutical and biotechnological, whose market is constantly expanding, with an estimated total value of about 850 M $ by the end of 2021 and an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) equal to 9.1% in the period 2016-2021.


  • High transfection efficiency: 10-100 times greater than the particles obtained with standard preparation methods and comparable to the best performing commercial kits on the market;
  • Non-toxicity: negligible toxicity compared to commercial kits;
  • Reproducibility: reduction of inter and intra-individual variability compared to standard preparation methods.