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Vibration mitigation system

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The proposed invention is part of the theme of vibration mitigation through the use of a new and innovative tuned mass system which, through the appropriate combination of inverter and anti-seismic devices, allows the realization of a light control system (small gravitational mass), but with high performances in terms of robustness and effectiveness.

Technical features

The invention is proposed as a tuned mass damper system realized through the combination in series of an inerter device and anti-seismic devices also non-linear ones, through the addition of possible auxiliary mass. The stiffness and/or the dissipative capacity are provided by the anti-seismic devices that allow an appropriate tuning. Instead, the inertial mass is mainly provided by the inerter device as well as by possible auxiliary mass. The decoupling between the inertial mass and the gravitational one, through the use of the inerter, and the high dissipative capacity, through the use of the anti-seismic devices, allow realizing a light (small gravitational mass), robust and effective (high inertial mass and high dissipative capacity) control system.

Possible Applications

  • Insulation or mitigation of shocks in mechanical systems;
  • Vibration mitigation of civil constructions subject to dynamic actions (earthquakes, wind, …);
  • Large constructions such as tall buildings and bridges;
  • Art objects contained in museums (statues, vases, …).


  • Greater lightness than traditional systems, while maintaining strength and effectiveness;
  • Economical compared to traditional systems.