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Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication

Autonomous drivingBeam AlignmentBeamformingControl systemsElectric vehiclesVeicoli elettriciWireless communication


A system which includes various devices (inertial devices, BA correction device, alignment signalling device) and an ensemble of sensors that allows a novel BA-correction. This allows a reduction in the BA frequency and a gain in efficiency.

Technical features

In the future, wireless communications will use high frequencies up to the millimeter wave spectrum (> 6Ghz, e.g. 10GHz or higher such as 28GHz for mmWave 5G, or 60Ghz as for WiGig system), less crowded than lower frequencies. The millimeter waves are quickly attenuated and, to acquire information, the technique of beamforming (generation of a preferential directional gain) is used. In the particular application of autonomous driving, this technology can be used, but the beam alignment (required for this type of communication) is disturbed by the movement of the car. The invention proposes a system that includes different devices (inertial and BA correction devices are examples) and a set of sensors that allow an innovative correction of the BA. This allows a reduction in the BA frequency and a gain in efficiency.

Possible Applications

  • Wireless communication in high mobility environment;
  • Autonomous driving;
  • Vehicle to anything (V2X).


  • Very low loss of performance in beam-forming;
  • Reliable;
  • Low latency.