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Adaptable- flexibleEasily Set UpEco-SustainableRecyclableStaircase


The truly innovative steps allow for the on site set up of a staircase with an inclination that ranges between 30° and 70°  using a simple kit of components. The only tool needed is a star head screwdriver. The space that the staircase occupies in plan is unusually small compared to other standard ones and the components are easy to transport, assemble and integrate. The resulting product is safe, sturdy, eco-sustainable and adaptable to a variety of non standard needs. The present invention overcomes the main limitations related to existing technologies (costs, difficulty in assembly / use, rigidity, robustness, usability, complexity, etc.) and is characterized by: its simplicity; the speed of action; intuitive assembly that does not require preventive surveys; adaptability since the same kit of components can be adapted on site to slopes varying from 30 ° to 70 °; the robustness and longevity of the structure; the multiplicity of use as it can be dismantled and re-assembled for alternative solutions; eco-sustainability and economy.

Technical features

It is possible to span different levels easily and in a limited amount of space using this patented tube system. The system consis in zinced tubes for hollow scaffolding joints / half treads. The load bearing element, a 48 mm tubular element for a joint system similar to the one for hollow scaffolding tubes, is fixed  to the floor and ceiling using hooks and pre-fabricated  fixings that are tightened with the use of a star head screwdriver. A number of hollow scaffolding tubes are fixed on the supporting element at pre-calculated intervals. The treads are previously connected to 48 mm tubular elements and then joined to the half treads. The devise is designed to neutralize torsion flexion compression and the left-right step arrangement allows to cover double the rising of a traditional tread at equal surface. The eccentric soldering of the tubular structure that is joined to the treads makes the system extremely versatile. The half treads can be assembled in either direction to increase or decrease the inclination.

Possible Applications

  • Suitable for both temporary and permanent solutions;
  • Adequate for internal and external environments;
  • Environmentally friendly : it does not need petro -chemical materials;
  • Adaptable for minimal space occupation and maximum level discepancies.


  • Simple, intuitive, fast: the assembly does not require any prior surveys
  • The assembly kit of components is adaptable to inclinations that range between 30° and 70°
  • The structure is durable and sturdy
  • The system can be employed for alternative and non standard needs
  • It is eco-sustainable and cost effective