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Utilities Disagregation Method and System

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Electricity, gas and water meters make an integral accounting and are unable to trace the individual users except in an approximate manner. This system, by making the various meters cooperate, is able to greatly refine the disaggregation of consumption of the various domestic users. In this way energy management is optimized, safety is increased and consumption is reduced.

Technical features

Domestic supplies (gas, water, electricity) are combined resources, that is, they require the others for their functioning. The use of hot water, for example, also requires electricity and / or gas. The patented system, by making the meters of the single users cooperate, allows to greatly refine their disaggregation. The patented method leads to further repercussions: identification of both sudden and minimal water leaks with notification to the user; assessment of the decrease in boiler efficiency; assistance to the user for better virtuosity in the use of resources. All this is possible thanks to the sensory arrangement in the Smart Home and the supervision system that uses learning techniques and artificial intelligence.

Possible Applications

  • Integration in home automation systems;
  • Automation of intelligent management of Smart Home;
  • Realization of the Hydro Smart Meter for the Smart Home.


  • Increased disaggregation capacity;
  • Identification of both sudden water leaks and minimal and silent ones with notification to the user;
  • Assessment of the decrease in boiler efficiency;
  • Assistance to the user for a better virtuosity in the use of resources.