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Hepatocyte proliferationLiver regenerationPost-hepatectomy liver failureThyromimeticTransplantation


An improvement of the liver regenerative capacity results in a reduction of liver tissue required for liver transplantation. Methods for increasing liver regeneration also reduce the risk for the donor and enhances the growth of the transplant within the recipient. Methods are disclosed herein for increasing hepatocyte proliferation by administering to the subject the thyromimetic GC-1.

Technical features

It is disclosed herein that GC-1 can be utilized post-hepatectomy, such as in liver transplant populations, including living donors prior to donor surgery and in living donor recipients. GC-1 can also be used for the treatment of post liver transplant cadaveric recipients with SFSS (Small for size syndrome). Without being bound by theory, the method can extend the criteria for donor livers including donor after cardiac death (DCD donors), because more livers can be utilized, thus decreasing the scarcity of organs and reducing wait list mortality. GC-1 can also be used in high risk donors. Marginal or extended criteria donors (ECD) are defined as those with a greater risk of initial poor function or graft failure and therefore an increased risk for recipient morbidity and mortality (i.e. elderly donors, donors with a high grade of steatosis, DCD/non-heart-beating donors, or split grafts).

Possible Applications

Applicable wherein the subject:

  • has small for size syndrome (SFSS);
  • is the recipient of a cadaveric liver transplant;
  • is the recipient of a liver transplant from a living donor;
  • is a high risk donor;
  • is older than about 45 years of age;
  • has overdosed on acetaminophen.


The advantage of our invention is a method for increasing hepatocyte number by giving GC-1 (Sobetirome) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof in:

  •  a liver transplant in a subject;
  •  in a liver donor who has donated a portion of its liver.