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Long-life foodNatural truffle flavorNew production processTruffle saucesUnsaturated fatty acids


The object of the invention is the use of unsaturated fatty acids (mainly linoleic acid), as flavor enhancers in food products and in long-life food products based on mushrooms and / or truffles, such as, for example, truffle pastes. The present invention also refers to a truffle paste or truffle paste as obtainable through the process of the invention.

Technical features

The aim of the patent is to provide a new process for the production of “truffle pastes”, which reduces the alteration of the organoleptic properties due to processing and guarantees the sterility of the product. The addition of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid), meet these conditions. The linoleic acid allows to halve the time of sterilization, while ensuring the same effectiveness, having an antimicrobial action. The linoleic acid, added to the truffle pastes, also has a further double effect: 1) to add the characteristic nutritional value of the omega-6 acid to the product, 2) to allow the development of natural flavorings following autoclaving.

Possible Applications

Agri-food industry:

  • Taste improving for food;
  • Truffle sauce, made with a process that involves the addition of linoleic acid;
  • Obtaining a long-lasting truffle paste with natural flavors.


  • Allowing the production of truffle pastes, more quickly, economically and efficiently than known processes;
  • Reduction of autoclaving times;
  • Best organoleptic characteristics of long shelf life gastronomic specialties based on truffles;
  • Healthy foods for the presence of omega 6.