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The invention (patent)  refers to a process for using gasification and / or pyrolysis char together with industrial wastes for the formulation of innovative materials, in particular lightweight  aggregates  with fertilizing capability  and polymeric materials for thermal insulation.

Technical features

The invention consists in the use of char obtained from gasification / pyrolysis processes of vegetal woody  biomass into two types of materials:

1) Fertilizing light weight aggregates (LWAs), based on local clay, obtained by heat treatment. The role of char is intended as a pore forming agent while the fertilizing capability is given by a specially prepared and tailored glass containing phosphorus and potassium. The use of this glass allows a controlled release of nutrients over time.

2) Thermal insulation panels based on polymers (polyurethane) in the building sector where char acts as an additive in order to improve thermal and electrical properties.

Possible Applications

  • Use in green roofs,
  • Vertical woods;
  • Hanging gardens,
  • Plant nursery;
  • Mulch
  • Hydroponic crops;
  • Use as complement materials in the thermal and electrical building insulation


  • Saving of natural raw materials from quarries;
  • “Critical” raw material savings as phosphorus;
  • Valorization of the Char in materials for agronomic uses and sustainable construction field;
  • Obtaining polyurethane products for building insulation with carbon sink properties;
  • Improvement of thermal and electrical properties.