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Underwater Robot

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Underwater robot for monitoring, exploring or interacting with the seabed or submerged structures, hopping on the seabed, and moving on rough terrain otherwise difficult to explore accurately with traditional means. The structure of the single leg allows the robot to remain immobile, saving energy and increasing accuracy.

Technical features

At the moment, most submarine vehicles carefully avoid contact with the seabed to avoid damage to the environment or to themselves: this robot overturns the concept, carefully positioning the legs in specific points, avoiding damage to fragile substrates; hopping on the bottom, it moves on rough terrain otherwise difficult to explore accurately with traditional means; robot’s legs allowed to stay still saving energy and increasing accuracy. Many prototype were realized, some were also integrated with diverse technologies and patent, propulsion means, legs to ensure more effective locomotion on rough or delicate terrain and vision system. They were tested in different scenarios: variable deepness, visibility, flows and different seabed.

Possible Applications

  • Submarine surveys;
  • Background monitoring;
  • Monitoring of environments that are difficult to reach;
  • Oil platform monitoring;
  • Seabed cleaning and removal of plastics and other pollutants.


  • Ease locomotion;
  • Keep Position without energy consunption;
  • Reduced environment disturb.