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Underwater guide for blind apneists

ApneaBlindModulateUnderwater guide


On the one hand, the diving guide was designed to allow blind divers to move inside the pool autonomously and safely, without the help of instructors  even when more than one diver is present in the pool/lane. On the other hand, the diving guide can be stretched to reach various lengths when needed

Technical features

The modules are made up with horizontal devices/tubes that are 2 or 3 meters long and contain the same number of small pillar supports. The horizontal device presents a track on both sides placed in correspondence of the diameter parallel to the end of the pool. A mechanism male/female, is placed at the end of each module to slot  more modules together. The two or three small vertical pillars are variable in height and are fixed to the end of the pool through a parallel device/tube. Furthermore, one or more rectangular suction pads are fixed to the end of the pool to ensure perfect grip to the pool. The tracks are usually shaped in a circular way, however other shapes are possible, as long as their structures are compatible to those of the tracks and allow the marbles running through.

Possible Applications

  • Hiking in parks;
  • Pool training;
  • School trips.


  • Including the blinds;
  • Adaptability to the bottom;
  • Fast assembly;
  • Normodotates and disabilities;
  • Safety with limited mobility people.