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Ultrasonic wireless serial data link

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The developed invention can be used to establish a serial data link among electronic modules. It is well suited to replace traditional connectors based on metal contacts that suffer from oxidation and that propagate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) collected by cables. It is suitable for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

Technical features

The presented connector arises from the necessity to overcome the main limitations of communication systems that are currently available on the market, which descend in a large part from the presence of sliding contacts. In the new serial data bus, the transfer of information occurs through a transmitter, a receiver, compression means, a microcontroller adapted to handle a bidirectional connection and various interfaces that perform the conversion of electrical signals into ultrasound or viceversa. Such an operation is achieved by means of a piezoceramic transducer, which is placed in contact with a plate of conductive or insulating material characterized by high acoustic impedance. The proposed system allows to increase the immunity to interference and electromagnetic noise coming from external sources or electrical cables, requires no sliding contacts and contemporaneously provides insulation between the employed wiring and the circuits of electronic modules that are put in communication.

Possible Applications

  • Wired connections for the transmission of information between two or more electronic modules;
  • Automotive field;
  • Electromagnetically polluted enviroments;
  • Oxidizing environments;
  • Long distance links.


  • Reduce wiring costs;
  • Reduce electromagnetic noise;
  • Avoid oxidation fenomena;
  • Reduce mechanical wear.