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UCARE: medical device for the early diagnosis of acute kidney injury

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The invention proposes a novel system for the early diagnosis of acute kidney injury (AKI) through urine monitoring of patients in intensive therapy unit. The system is able to inform the clinicians about patient’s AKI in real time and remotely thanks to proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Technical features

More than 5% of hospitalised patients and more than 50% of those hospitalised in the intensive care units suffer of AKI, with a consequent increase of mortality of 5 times, further 27 days of hospitalisation and 3 billions euro per year in increase of public health expenses in Italy. Nowadays, clinicians do not have a reliable system for the early diagnosis of AKI and the risk is underestimated. We propose a new biomedical device for the early diagnosis of AKI in ICU. The system is able to inform in real time the clinician with the necessary info to promptly intervene in case of AKI occurrence and prevent it. This result is obtained thanks to the integration of an innovative medical device for urine monitoring, based on mechanical measuring principles, with proprietary machine-learning algorithms able to foresee the AKI occurrence.

Possible Applications

  • Urine flow monitoring;
  • Acute kidney injury early diagnosis;
  • Intensive care units;
  • Nephrology and post-operative departments;
  • Digital Biomarker;
  • Digital health.


  • Increase the quality of life for patients in ICU, reducing mortality and complications derived to AKI occurrence;
  • Reduce the public/private health expenses related to AKI occurrence, reducing hospitalisation days in ICU and number of hospital re-admissions.