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‘TurtHEX’: data contextualization and augmented reality Bluetooth system

Augmented Reality (AR)Bluetoothhome automationIndoor localization and trackingSmartphone


TurtHEX technology enables private, personalized and contextualized communication channels to be opened in indoor environments for any user with a Bluetooth or WiFi device. Each communication channel is tied to the user’s location in the space: TurtHEX allows any environment to present itself and provide contextualized information to any device connected to the system.

Technical features

TurtHEX technology revolutionizes the concept of Bluetooth and WiFi networks by introducing in a transparent manner information regarding the user’s position in space, with centimeter resolution, along with the data stream between network and user. This information is made available to the user without the need for additional devices: any user with a Bluetooth or WiFi device can obtain a personalized and contextualized data stream. TurtHEX system is based on a new type of router based on a set of directional antennas, called Anchor, which can be directly substituted for current WiFi routers. Each TurtHEX Anchor can provide location functionality transparently, combined with normal networking functionality. As with normal WiFi access-points, in the case of larger environments it is possible to install multiple anchors that will be able to automatically cooperate in a “plug-and-play” manner in the localization function further improving the accuracy of spatial localization.
In particular, TurtHEX is the world’s first technology capable of locating general-purpose Bluetooth and WiFi devices with centimeter accuracy in complex environments, without the need for any prior calibration.
The TRL of the patented technology is 7.

Possible Applications

  • Home automation;
  • Augmented reality;
  • Domotics in both private and working environments;
  • Smart industry;
  • Agricolture.


  • Self-calibrating system;
  • User-friendly;
  • Real-time contextualized and transparent dataflow.