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Free form architectureHybrid structurePolygonal meshReticular node


The present invention concerns an improved structural node to be used in spatial trusses to link linear components as beams, rods, cables, and polygonal opaque or transparent panels, such as glass panels. It allows to create watertight casings, which can be discretized by means of meshes with planar faces.

Technical features

The proposed system aims at utilizing an innovative node, made of modular interconnected sectors, to construct spatial structures on which it is possible to lay planar polygonal panels (e.g. glass façades). The sectors of the node are located at the intersection of two rods that can form and angle between 0° and 180°. Each sector is linked to the other by means of cylindrical hinges, which are concentric with the rods’ axes. Furthermore, each sector has another jointed connection which is hinged normal to the plane, allowing to tune the angle between the rods. Therefore, nodes with different shapes and connectivity can be created by fixing the sectors together, providing watertight structural casings. Each sector can furthermore be equipped with vertices-supports for panels. 

Possible Applications

  • Civil engineering field;
  • Industrial field (glass and façade producers and manufacturers);
  • Energetic field (building casings for architecture and paneling supports).


  • Use of adaptable node;
  • Creation of a single repeated and modular sector;
  • Solving paneling issues of free-form architectures;
  • Watertightness;
  • Dry assembly;
  • Panels supports.