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TRIX is a device that can be easily and quickly installed on a timed push buttons; which allows it to be gripped by the device that holds the button pressed in such a way to resist any acts of vandalism to public sanitary infrastructure. TRIX saves between 3 to 10 seconds of water flow.

Technical features

The invention of the timed button was born with the aim of preventing vandalism against damage to public toilet facilities for the person, to avoid dispersion of water in the absence of the user, which is not prevented even by the timed buttons themselves. In fact, the timed buttons usually let the water flow for 3 to 10 seconds after the user has finished using the shower. The TRIX can be purchased and used directly by the user and applied to the siphon of the timed shower allows for a constant and regular flow of water, without interruptions and once finished, the user can take the TRIX back and leave. The button has a double adjustment that allows it both to adjust according to the size of the timed button, and to adapt to the length of the button, so that by removing the TRIX, the water flow closes instantly, saving even those final seconds of water wastage.

Possible Applications

  • Manufacturers of taps and fittings.


  • Consumer use of the timed button without inconvenience;
  • Considerable water savings in the long run;
  • Its structure allows it to adapt to any type of timed button;
  • The central adjustment allows you to adjust the instantaneous closure of the water.