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Transformation of ethanol into butanol



The invention refers to the method for obtaining higher aliphatic alcohols starting from aliphatic primary alcohols by means of a condensation reaction.

The catalytic conversion of bio-ethanol waste into butanol and higher alcohols is a promising way for the transformation of a low-cost substance into molecules with greater added value for this type of application.

Technical features

The applications of ethanol arouse increasing interest due to the environmental concerns and for the large number of innovative refining processes of biomass.

The patented catalytic system is able to improve yields, selectivity and reaction times, through the Guerbet reaction for the controlled condensation of primary aliphatic alcohols, in the presence of an additive. Thus, the improved method contributes to overcoming the technological issues regarding by-products and to reduce the energy cost of the process.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive fuel additives;
  • Polymer production;
  • Valorization of biomass from waste products of supply chain.


  • Conversion ethanol/butanol increased by 20%;
  • 4-10 fold reaction time reduction;
  • Stability of the process;
  • Recycling both catalyst and additive.