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Tradezinc – coatings for galvanized steel

galvanized steelmetal coatings


The patent refers to a process for the fabrication of a coating on galvanized steel to improve the adhesion to the concrete, without any effect on the cathodic protection effect, and to improve the galvanized steel paintability.

Technical features

The patent makes suitable the use of galvanized carbon steel in reinforced concrete structures. The process is carried out at T ⁓ 80°C, at Patm in stannate ions containing electrolyte.
Fabricated coating by this process leads to an increase of the adhesion of galvanized steel rebars to the concrete (about 30% more) without any detremental effect on the cathodic protection effect of the zinc towards the steel, increasing its corrosion resistance. Moreover, this process is easily integrable in the galvanizing plants and non toxic and low cost reagents are used

Possible Applications

  • Buildings;
  • Civil structures;
  • Interior/outdoor decorations.


  • Improved adhesion of galvanized steel to the concrete;
  • Superior corrosion resistance;
  • Electroless process, with the use of low cost and non toxic reagents;
  • Enhanced paintability of galvanized steel;
  • Easy integration in existing galvanizing plants.