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TOUCH WALL – tool for measuring motor skills

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The Touch Wall provides data useful for measuring motor skills in healthy subjects where it is necessary to compare the characteristics of the subject over time, for example before and after a particular event such as an injury or a journey through space. The tool is able to provide a certification of motoric skills on a quantitative basis, with the advantage of having a low dependence on the operator.

Technical features

The Touch Wall consists of a vertical multi-touch interface equipped with specific software that allows to conduct a quantitative analysis of the movement through the interaction between the subject and a special evaluation apparatus. The tool is characterized by reduced invasiveness and a marginal presence of operators. Subject who uses the Touch Wall interacts with an evolved touch-screen interface capable of interpreting the person’s motor responses through a series of specially developed games. Then Touch Wall give feedback on the various motor parameters that are analyzed during the execution of the games. Game applications are a pretext to obviate the standardization usually used for conducting motor tests and allows the subject to relate to the system in the most natural way possible.

Possible Applications

  • Measurement of motoric ability before and after a particular event (space journey, injury);
  • Identification of improvable motor performance in healthy subjects.


  • Processing of a high numbers of physiological data (97 physiological parameters) in relation to motor skills;
  • Achievement of a common metric of evaluation of motor skills in different subjects (gender-age-skills) for a quantitative comparison;
  • Low invasiveness;
  • Low dependence from professional operator.