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ToothPic – Image Search

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This invention is an improvement of the Toothpic technology and allows a fast rapid detection and identification of all the photographs taken by a specific device and stored on internet. It allows to make privacy controls within Social Network or implement the function in search engines.

Technical features

The imperfections of the image sensors may be considered equal to unique fingerprints that identify a specific capture device, resulting useful for the performance of several important forensic activities, such as identification of devices, connecting devices, the recovery of the historical processing and detection of counterfeit digital. The most common camera fingerprint is PRNU (”Photo-Response Not Uniformity”) of the digital image sensor and is a unique property of each array of a sensor , mainly due to the impurities of the silicon wafer used in the production of the sensors. This uniqueness makes PNRU particularly interesting for research in any database (e.g. Instagram, Flickr…) all the photographs that were taken by a particular device (camera, phone…).

Possible Applications

  • Camera Identification System;
  • Detecting Digital counterfeits;
  • Privacy Control;
  • Search photos by Social Network;
  • Search photos by search engines.


  • Deployment of camera identification services on an unprecedented scale;
  • Compact and flexible representation of the sensor fingerprint;
  • High compression ratios allowing the storage of millions of camera identities;
  • Resilience to common image transformations.