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Titanium surfaces for bone integration

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Multifunctional Titanium surfaces MimeTi, favor the bone integration of orthopedic and dental implants increasing the production of both the mineral component and the organic matrix of bone. MimeTi-plus surfaces are specifically intended to actively fight infection development without the employment of antibiotics (addition of an inorganic antibacterial agent) while maintaining all MimeTi features.

Technical features

MimeTi allows the in-vivo precipitation of natural hydroxyapatite nano-crystals directly on the implant: the bioactive metal enables the biomineralization process, attracting  calcium  ions  and  phosphate  groups  from  body fluids. At the same time, the surface stimulates faster adhesion and  differentiation  of  osteoblasts, promoting  the  organic matrix  deposition. The resulting bone-device integration is more rapid and stable. Thus, the  metal  surface  presents excellent osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. MimeTi-plus reduces bacterial adhesion in a significant way. The absence of coatings or crystalline  synthetic  deposits allows a  direct  contact  between  the  regenerated  bone  and  the implant, avoiding the risk of both detachment and formation of weak interfaces. Biomolecules, with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory actions can be grafted onto the surface for a physiological response.

Possible Applications

  • Prosthetic devices;
  • Dental implants;
  • Fixation screws;
  • Spinal devices.


  • Biomimetic metal;
  • Multi-scale roughness;
  • Improved corrosion resistance;
  • Unaltered properties after sterilization/storage;
  • Rapid process (<4h), no expensive equipment;
  • Antibacterial action, no antibiotics.