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Tilting raised platform

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The proposed tilting elevated platform is specifically designed to carry out work at height, even on steep terrain. This tool has been designed to help in steep country areas, where almost all agricultural operations are carried out by hand. The platform can be used, for example, for classic olive-growing operations: pruning trees and harvesting olives.

Technical features

The proposed agricultural tool (Technology Readiness Level 7), designed to work on steep, dusty and damp environments, is simple; it has no motors or sensors. The device aims to allow farmers to move around an olive grove or a forest with agility and safety. The device comprises a cage, accessible by means of a ladder that can be extended in height, combined with a ground handling device to move the device as a whole. A manual adjustment, acting on two axes, allows the cage to remain horizontal at all times, even on sloping terrain. The proposed modular ladder can be mounted on the chassis of a commercial wheelbarrow. The operator’s position is central to maximise stability in all working directions. The device does not require a battery or hydraulic unit: the platform elevation is guaranteed by an air spring. The wheelbarrow is equipped with tracks to move on uneven ground. Four telescopic legs provide a better grip on the ground once on site.

Possible Applications

  • Landscaping; pruning and trimming trees in steep locations;
  • Fruit picking from tall trees;
  • Elevated field work;
  • Elevating operators for work on uneven ground;
  • Maintenance of equipment at height.


  • Increased safety in agriculture;
  • Reduction in physical effort;
  • Platform without motors and sensors, simple to build;
  • User-friendly system operated by cranks;
  • Possible recovery of abandoned crops;
  • Lower cost than commercially available hydraulic spider platforms.