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THRUSTPOD – Modular system for urban air vehicles

ElectricUrban air mobilityVertical take-off and landing


ThrustPod aims to create a removable, autonomous and modular apparatus allowing fixed-wing aircraft to take off and land vertically and, therefore, to operate in an urban environment. The system can be used both to convert existing fixed-wing aircraft and to optimize the design of new aircraft for urban mobility.


Technical features

ThrustPod uses extractable thrusters to generate a vertical thrust to allow a fixed-wing aircraft to take off and land vertically. The system design is autonomous: its structure includes electric motors, ducted propellers, control boards and batteries necessary for the hovering phases. Furthermore, it is modular because the number of engines is linked to the maximum weight of the aircraft for which it is intended. The use of the ThrustPod allows to separate the fixed-wing and rotary-wing phases, allowing them to be optimized independently and does not require tilting motors or structural parts for piloting or controlling the aircraft, introducing a significant advantage in terms of maintenance. Therefore, ThrustPod proposes itself as an innovative solution for urban air mobility that can be easily certified as it uses technologies that are already available and qualified.


TRL: 4

Possible Applications

  • Any aircraft for vertical take-off and landing operations on urban, sub-urban and regional routes;
  • Urban Air Mobility Aircraft (UAM);
  • Recreational or civil aircraft (e.g. CS-23);
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles for the transport of goods on urban and sub-urban routes.


  • Fixed-wing aircraft upgrade for vertical take-off and landing operations;
  • Electric system;
  • Modular system adaptable to different categories of aircraft;
  • Independent optimization of cruise, take-off and landing phases;
  • Use of available technologies that do not require tilting parts.